About Us

Our Company

We are a company of the agroindustrial sector in constant development and growth in Peru, integrated by professionals with experience, highly trained, committed to produce and offer fresh products of the best quality in different presentations. We are involved in the adaptation and commercialization of agricultural products that are exported to the demanding markets like USA, Europe, China, Canada and Chile.

We grow and deliver the best of Peru

We strive to meet some of the world's great demand for fruit. With our years of generating experience we are able to export fruit trees that exceed the highest quality standards.

We like what we do !, that's why we take our work with effort, transparency, dedication and passion.


Providing food of excellence that contributes health and welfare, based on the protection of the environment, diversifying and innovating the productive processes, fulfilling the demanding quality standards, generating greater well-being and personal and professional development of our workers, maintaining the team work, Honesty, transparency and responsibility.


To be a leading organization in the production and commercialization of agricultural and agroindustrial products in the national and international market, being competitive, sustainable and innovative to meet the needs of the most demanding clients